Marketing security challenges

Cybersecurity Marketing Challenges

Marketing security challenges refer to the various risks and threats that organizations face while implementing marketing strategies and campaigns. These challenges can include data breaches, privacy concerns, brand reputation damage, fraud, and more.

You Can't Be Everything to Everyone

To succeed in the information security industry, it's crucial to understand your target audience and their roles. This involves identifying your security sector(s), understanding regulations and industry standards, and positioning your solution's features, benefits, and differentiators to the right people in the right organizations.

Stand Out from the Pack, But Be Credible

Security professionals should avoid making outlandish claims about their software's security, as it can lose credibility and make them targets. Their company and product positioning should be strong enough to stand out, and not be afraid to be specific about their services. Many vendors use F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)and buzzwords to draw attention, so it's important to show value beyond "better security."

Nothing Sells Better than Hearing from a Customer

A customer program is crucial in sales and marketing, with case studies being a powerful tool for selling solutions. However, few companies are willing to go on record. To negotiate better prices, have the customer provide a public reference. The best approach is to create a video testimonial or written case study, allowing for editing and control, and allowing for pre-set questions and answers.

Content is King (If you do it Right)

Content is crucial in marketing, but it should be relevant and educational to buyers when researching cybersecurity solutions. Provide hands-on guidance and best practices, such as deploying a network or securing data. Technical content, with expert interviews, can be effective in educating customers on phishing, ransomware, and other attack vectors. This content can open doors to customer questions and evaluations.

Get More from your Marketing Budget

Are you looking for a company that speaks your language? Is it taking you too long to describe what you do? We can assist you if you require an outsourced cybersecurity marketing agency to get started quickly.

We Know the Threats

Our team has experience marketing cybersecurity solutions that address some of the industry's toughest threats: phishing, ransomware, APTs and more.

We Know the Audience

Our team has developed positioning, messaging and lead gen programs to reach CISOs, Security Directors, SOC Managers, MSSPs and IT influencers.

We Know the Drill

Our team has experience managing marketing, lead generation, PR and analyst relations for private and publicly-traded security companies.

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