Gaining Efficiency

Ways to Increase Efficiency in Content Production

Brands are facing a new environment of a decrease in marketing budgets, leading to a need to achieve more with less.  There is also an increased need to justify the spending or increased scrutiny of actual business results.


Content marketers often struggle with ideation and outlining pieces. To streamline this process, we assist to the ideation and creation of tools that address your niches.

Web Monitoring to Your Advantage

Content marketing aims to create a powerful impact by presenting relevant messages to the right audience. With the rise of online platforms, marketers can leverage social listening tools like Live access tools to gather insights and address industry issues. These tools help businesses monitor and analyze news from various platforms, ensuring they reach the right audience and resonate with their target audience.

Maintaining an Editorial Calendar

Content marketing requires a balance between publishing enough and constantly updating content to maintain audience engagement and maintain its value. A distribution calendar is crucial for efficient content production, as it helps set goals, segment time blocks, and assign content creators effectively, ensuring no piece falls through the cracks.

Incorporate Data into Your Planning

Content marketing and big data are closely linked, with analytics ranking among the top five technological investments for marketers. To optimize content production, isolate distribution outlets, calculate ROI, and focus budget and manpower accordingly. Consider metrics like conversion rates, engagement, and visibility, and use features like heat maps and click patterns to optimize content for engagement.

Integrated Media solutions in a complex industry

In an age where new media types and marketing strategies are emerging on a daily basis, staying ahead of your competition and relevant within a budget is essential. Live Access will let you remain on top of things while you concentrate on what is important.


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