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We’re the experts in authentic and compelling non-profit video creation. Global non-profit organizations and foundations rely on Live Access to deliver their essential stories authentically. We create sophisticated video material in Africa that raises awareness and feedback on environmental, humanitarian, educational, and healthcare challenges.

Non-Profit Storytelling

Our expertise and journalistic approach are used to produce documentaries that go to the heart of the issue. It’s about more than nice visuals; it’s about telling an empowering tale that resonates with the audience while effectively communicating targeted touch points, increasing engagement, and encouraging action.

Advocacy  & Case Study Video Production

The use of video and animation as strategic tools in engaging an audience to impact individual and societal change for the greater good is what video advocacy is all about. We assist clients in establishing particular goals, identifying target audiences, and developing creative and production plans, as well as an effective distribution strategy.
Case studies are extremely useful in expressing the lessons learned that drive planning and change. The problem is that people frequently become disoriented as a result of information overload, resulting in diminished impact. We interpret information and create video solutions that maximize message and effect with the intended audience by working closely with customers.

Live broadcast & Integrated media solutions for non-profits

Integrated Media solutions in a complex industry

In an age where new media types and marketing strategies are emerging on a daily basis, staying ahead of your competition and relevant within a budget is essential. Live Access will let you remain on top of things while you concentrate on what is important.

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