Leveraging known data to understand customer needs

Automation in integrated media refers to the use of software tools and technologies to streamline and automate various processes involved in creating, managing, and distributing multimedia content across different platforms. This can include automating tasks such as content creation, scheduling, publishing, analytics, and more.

Advertisers collect data about consumers’ interactions with their sites, ads, posts, and emails, driving over 1,500 impressions and conversions. Live Access tools and algorithms help analyze the value of these interactions, but millions more interactions occur across digital platforms, including engagement with competitors and other services. The world of consumers’ experiences is more expansive than digital connections with advertisers, and platforms can forecast potential needs with accuracy. Advertisers need to leverage platform automation in their digital media programs to understand consumer needs and identify the next best customer.

Advertising Platform Automation

These automation tools are typically “built-in” to the platform. Think of algorithms developed by the platform to connect consumer actions (with your ads and sites and others) and identify a value you should be willing to pay for your ad(s). Examples might include Google’s tROAS or automation built into Smart Shopping or Performance Max Campaigns.

Agency Automation

We assist performance media agencies to utilize automation, either proprietary or third-party, to manage touchpoints and transactions for clients. By customizing tools, tailored to each client's needs, we can help drive valuable customers.

Advertiser Automation

If your organization doesn’t have an agency or third-party tool, we provide custom automation tools to gather data on digital interactions to scale performance marketing programs.

Automation services to allow to concentrate on what matters

As platform automation has improved over recent years, it’s become a necessary tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Automation helps marketers serve relevant, high-performing ads that align with the depth of total connections consumers have across digital platforms today. Clearly, Google’s tROAS and Smart Shopping campaigns are leading the industry in the space, and we expect to see these types of solutions increase with other platforms.

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