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The Challenge

Live Access was selected by Giraffe Creatives to deliver comprehensive camera jib gear support, specifically the renowned Jimmy Jib, for their project involving the production of a Multichoice Gotv advertisement. 

The Solution

Live access was facilitated by an 8-meter camera jib equipped with an automatic head, enabling us to capture intricate and high-quality shots for the Gotv Advert. The camera jib’s extended reach allowed us to explore unique perspectives and angles, ensuring that every detail was captured with precision and clarity. This innovative equipment provided us with the flexibility to seamlessly maneuver the camera, resulting in visually captivating footage that effectively conveyed the message of the advertisement. The combination of the camera jib’s extensive range and the automatic head’s smooth movement added a professional touch to the production, elevating the overall visual experience for our audience.

The technology that we used to support Giraffe Creatives

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