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The Zambian Art & Design Show is held annually a few weeks before Christmas – just right for Christmas shopping! Held at the Leopards Hill Polocross Club. This awesome annual event Visitors come along each year for a family day out as well as a unique opportunity to purchase quality artwork, distinctive art and craft designs, home furnishings, and fashion, jewelry and beauty products from over 70 exhibitors.

The Challenge

In order to enhance its reach and create a more interactive experience, ZADS recognized the need to livestream its event and foster online engagement. With the aim of adapting to the evolving digital landscape, the organization took the decision to transform the event into a hybrid format. This strategic move not only allowed ZADS to cater to a larger audience, but also provided a platform for attendees to actively participate and contribute virtually. By embracing this digital transformation, ZADS successfully bridged the gap between physical and virtual attendees, ensuring a seamless and inclusive event experience for all.

The Solution

ZADS & Live Access successfully implemented a virtual studio along with four cameras to effectively capture the event from multiple exhibition stands. Leveraging the FSN Live technology, Live Access seamlessly live-streamed the event on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. This strategic approach ensured a wider reach and allowed viewers to experience the event remotely, enhancing engagement and participation. By combining cutting-edge technology with meticulous planning, ZADS & Live Access demonstrated their commitment to delivering high-quality and immersive virtual experiences for their clients.

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