Make your Instagram livestream fantastic

Stream live on the most popular platform of the younger generation

With one billion users, Instagram is the most popular and fastest growing social media platform after Facebook. In the Africa, among 15 to 19-year olds Instagram is more popular than Facebook (ramsmedia research 2018). The main purpose of the platform is to share photos and videos. Influencers profile themselves as authorities in such areas as fashion, fitness, nutrition and travel. Brands utilize these influencers by working together with them and in the process achieve significant reach among the young.

Why stream live on Instagram

Instagram has been careful about allowing advertisers. As a result, branded messages are less common on Instagram than on Facebook. Communicating with your target market via Instagram therefore demands a different approach. On Instagram everything turns around images and inspiration, with users far less impressed by loud and obnoxious messaging. Livestreaming via Instagram is a tool with which you can make a personal and playful connection with your intended audience. One way to do so, for example, is by letting them be part of an event or by starting a conversation about a special occurrence. This could be a product launch, a look behind the screens, or something creative or spontaneous.

5 reasons to choose for Instagram

  1. Instagram is the most popular social media platform among the young.
  2. You can use your phone to go live from anywhere with one push of the button.
  3. On Instagram a livestream gets put in your story, and that means it appears right at the top of the timelines of your followers.
  4. Your followers will be notified and can send likes and reactions even during the broadcast.
  5. You can highlight fun/important reactions by pinning them to the top.

What makes Instagram different from other platforms?

On Instagram everything is about emotions and images. That means that when you go live on Instagram you have to show something special. Also, your live broadcast disappears as quickly as it went up. The livestream – and all the reactions you’ve gathered – vanish the moment you close the stream. As a result, Instagram is not very well suited for post analysis. Nor does it work well for sharing created content to, for example, promote the next edition of an event. And thought it is perhaps a shame that the content disappears, you can also turn that around. For by taking it all down the moment you stop broadcasting they create something truly valuable: exclusivity. This makes Instagram one of the most exclusive of the live streaming platforms out there.


Building an audience

To make sure that you have a big enough audience for your livestream it’s a good idea to announce the livestream beforehand. You might want to put up posts where your followers can see them. Be it on Instagram or other social media channels. Make sure you communicate clearly what you’re going to show and make sure there’s a good reason for your followers to watch it live. This could be because you’re going to speak to somebody interesting, or alternatively, you can create a big reveal which will excite your audience. Instagram has a low threshold for broadcasting livestreams. That’s why we heartily advise you to simply try it out to see what you’ll need to think about and what happens when you directly engage with your followers.

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