Make your Facebook Livestream fantastic Involve the fans of your brand with each new development as it happens

Facebook launched Facebook Live in April, 2016 and livestreaming there quickly became incredibly popular. By the end of 2018, 3.5 billion livestreams had been set up and viewed by over 2 billion people. For audiences everywhere the excitement of live was incredibly attractive and they began engaging en masse with this new service. The question is, what are the opportunities of livestreaming for marketers?

Why stream live via Facebook?

Facebook is a platform where brands can build up a fan base. It’s a great place to build a community of people who are engaged and want to be informed about new developments. And livestreams are the ultimate tool for interacting with this community. You can inform them live about developments and make them feel like they’re there right from the get go. It’s also possible for them to engage directly via questions and comments, which you can respond to immediately during your livestream. For example, Facebook Live is great for when you’re launching a new product, giving a behind the scenes look at the production process, or offering an exclusive interview with one of your brand’s designers.

5 reasons to choose Facebook Live

1.For a brand’s fans, Facebook Live has a low interaction threshold. The chat function allows people to directly ask you questions.

  1. It has great reach thanks to the large number of daily Facebook users. A number that is much bigger than on YouTube.
  2. Facebook begins playing livestreams immediately on your follower’s feed, even before they’ve clicked any link.
  3. Livestream have great shareability. If you’ve built up a community, through them the livestream can quickly spread to a larger audience.
  4. Livestreams receive priority over normal videos in the newsfeed of your target audience.

Practical tips for using live streams successfully via Facebook Determine the goal of your livestream

Are you trying to just tell your target audience something or do you also want them to take action? If it’s the latter, then it is important to prepare a good call to action and to push it repeatedly during your broadcast.

Make sure you have a gripping title and interesting visuals

When a livestream is initially shown on user’s newsfeed, it has no sound. A gripping title and an interesting image are therefore essential to boost the likelihood people will actually click on the livestream and watch it with the sound on. A good way to make the visuals more interesting is by switching between camera angles. Other ways to attract the viewer’s attention are by speaking to somebody interesting and having an attractive background.

Make it interesting right from the start

Don’t wait till you’ve got enough viewers! Make sure your livestream is interesting right away and you’re telling the story you want right from the start. This makes it more likely your livestream will be shared sooner and it’s also important if you want your content to be watched again afterwards.

Go live for at least 5 minutes (as on 2020)

As soon as you begin to broadcast, you’ll begin to appear in your follower’s newsfeeds. The longer you broadcast, the more people will discover your livestream and the more opportunities there will be for them to share it. Give your audience time to grow.

Make sure it appears spontaneous and unscripted

Nailing down the purpose of your livestream is important, but also make sure that your video does not feel stilted or overly rehearsed. That’s because when your story appears too scripted, it will reduce tension. In that case, you might as well just record and upload a regular video

Constantly provide viewers with information

Keep introducing yourself and the topic so that those who only just tuned in know what they’re looking at. Give them occasional updates about how many people are watching and suggest people like and share your livestream. Announce what you’re going to be showing so they know it’s worth sharing.

Put a colleague in charge of the chat

With a Facebook livestream it’s a good idea to have a division of labor. For example, if you want to completely focus on what you’re showing, who you’re talking to and what you’ve got to say, then it’s best to have a colleague answer viewer’s questions, or pass them on to you

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