Make your Youtube Livestream fantastic

Make your Youtube Livestream fantastic

Creating significant reach and sustainable content via YouTubeTo date, the biggest live streaming even on YouTube was the “Red Bull Leap from Space” by Felix Baumgartner. Eight million people witnessed his jump as it happened. Since then, the video has been viewed more than 44 million times. That’s a huge reach for that energy drink producer! What’s more, this reach continues to grow every day. At the time of that event, live streaming on YouTube was only possible for a selected few. But since 2017 it has become possible for everybody to publish such content there. This means companies now have access to an exciting way to connect with their target audience.

Why live streaming?

Live streaming lets you show what makes you special, offers your target audience the chance to witness things they previously had no access to, and directly connect, converse and answer their burning questions. Live stream also creates urgency among your viewers. You’ve created something with real news value and your target audience wants to witness it first and first hand. And then there’s the excitement around the unexpected things that could happen during a live event. When is live streaming relevant? You can use live streaming to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a product launch, access to an exclusive event, or to show an interview with the spokesperson for your brand or organization. Announce this opportunity everywhere, analyze how the event is being watched, and then share the content afterwards with other interested parties. YouTube is fantastic for the live streaming of big events. This has been demonstrated by Felix Baumgartner years ago and a lot of other brands today. And now, it’s your turn! Eight reasons to choose for YouTube.

A YouTube livestream can be effectively pushed by sharing a link of the event via email with your database. The viewer does not need a YouTube account in order view a live stream there. A live stream via YouTube can be embedded and shared on every platform. In this way, it is much easier to expand your audience before and during the event. Among others, YouTube is accessible on web browsers, game consoles, mobile apps and smart-tv apps.YouTube lets you deactivate comments during a livestream if you can’t reply to them as they’re being posted.

Livestreams via YouTube are stored and remain available for viewers who couldn’t be there as it happened. This can expand the event’s audience significantly.YouTube is a free and trustworthy platform with a low barrier to entry, which lets you broadcast a high-quality live stream for countless viewers. The use of YouTube for your livestream allows you to push yourself higher up in search results on both YouTube and Google. Furthermore, the high number of viewers your video attracts will create a big boost for your channel overall.The livestream quality on YouTube can be pushed up all the way to HD. This means it is very well suited for content where resolution matters.If your channel already has (a lot of) followers then they will automatically be alerted that your livestream is happening.

Make the event attractiveIn order to create a professional livestream on YouTube, it is important you’re well prepared. Approach it from the viewer’s perspective. What will make them tune in and stay interested? Make plans beforehand of what you’re going to show. For a big event this means that you must decide where to put the cameras and how you plan to switch between them. Or perhaps the right way to tell your story by using a mobile camera? Of course, you can always combine these two options. When your goal is to inspire your viewers, concept is key.

Building an audience To make the public aware of what’s going to happen it’s essential you push the event. YouTube is well suited to do this. You can make people aware of what you’re going to do by sending a link to the live stream via email or embedding it in your website and sharing it with relevant blogs who can then spread the word. It’s also possible to share the link on social media channels. And then there’s the channel art of your YouTube account option. This is the image that your channel subscribers see at the top of the page when they visit your channel. It’s a great place to communicate the time and date of the event. Also use PR and paid advertising to make sure that the publicity push is big enough. This is something that can happen both before and during the event. A good campaign strategy is vital.

Live Data During the live streaming of an event a lot of valuable information is collected. The following metrics can be viewed both during and after the event. Peak concurrent viewsThe highest number of viewers who viewed the livestream at the same time.PlaybacksThe total number of viewsTotal view time The total time in hours that everybody watched your livestream. This is calculated by adding all the individual view time together. Average Live view durationThe total view time divided by the number of views. Chat rateThe number of chat messages per minute sent.


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