Zambian youth take a lead in reshaping societal stereotypes.

Zambia like many other countries has its own stereotypes that tend to discriminate towards societal issues such as menstrual health for young women. However young people are slowing changing this narrative with Children’s Development and Empowerment Foundation adding their voice to the cause.

The foundation has successfully trained 21 young people in menstrual hygiene and health management across the country.

The foundation on Tuesday 1st February 2022, held a virtual graduation to honor the 21 youth that had completed a 2 month online course of menstrual hygiene management as well as climate change management.

Judith Mbita, Co-founder of Children’s development and empowerment foundation spoke about some of the issues faced by young people in Zambia and how the courses offered by the foundation would change the attitudes of people about issues that should no longer be avoided or considered taboo. She added that the foundation also added climate change to their training program because young people need to be cautious the materials used during their menstrual cycle whilst also learning to adapt to a changing environment.

The graduation ceremony also attracted the presence of other foundations across Africa who are dedicated to addressing challenges that affect young people. The guest speaker was Faridah Ally who is the founder of Elimu Care foundation in kenya. She spoke about the challenges faced by children and was encouraged to see young people taking a stand to change this.

Zambia continues to experience many challenges with life development due to factors such as period poverty. Many young women are unable to acquire safe sanitary materials during their menstrual cycle which in turn makes it difficult for them to adequately fit into society as they may be denied of their education and other activities. But with a foundations working to change thisby raising awareness , there’s definitely hope a brighter future

The Zambian government is set to start offering free sanitary towels to young women in schools this year as per 2022 National Budget. watch livestream here ;

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