Zambian women in Science..How they are changing the game.

A common conversation in Zambia is youth unemployment. Now whilst it’s true that finding a job after graduation is not an easy task , it doesn’t mean that should be the end game for you.

The primary purpose of tertiary education is to acquire a skill in a desired field . So if you can’t find a job,make one ..

Naomi Moseni is a 24 year old who used her story,coupled with the knowledge she acquired from college to start a business that she is passionate about.

Moseni went viral on TikTok when she shared her story of struggling with a skin breakout. She used the internet to learn about skincare and managed to clear hers over a period of 9 months . She has over 20,000 followers on TikTok where she shares simple DIY skincare treatments. She goes by the name Ms Skin care on the App,and gets most of her clients through this channel.

When she shared her story she never thought people would be requesting for assistance let alone be willing to pay for it.

She holds a bachelor’s in Science and Economics and this definitely gives her the right tools to run a business that helps people feel comfortable in their skin.

With only a little over 30 percent of women entering the science field in the world, it’s almost unheard of to see many women enter this field in Zambia and when they do they choose to settle for traditional science jobs without looking at the vast opportunities. With science there’s always something to discover and Moseni definitely understand that .

Moseni has since opened a shop in Chilenje market, Lusaka where she provides healthy well researched skincare consultation.

She plans to study dermatology in the future and hopes to penetrate the aesthetician industry.

Today 11th February marks the United Nations day of women and girls in science.

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