How young Zambian people are slowing transitioning into the Metaverse.

You’re probably looking at your phone wondering how you could make more money or some money, well it’s definitely not by being on your phone all day or could it be ?

The meta verse is a concept of a persistent, online, 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces as defined by Binance Academy. Something you have at your disposal right now is Facebook and Instagram and incase you didn’t know you could be carrying a gold mine in your pocket!

A young lady that seems to be ahead of most people in Zambia is 23 year old Chisanga Taylor who recreates the most astounding pictures you’ll come across.

Picture by Chisanga Taylor.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Theatre and first started using social media as an escape when things got tough but never really thought her work would be something people would enjoy and look forward to. Let alone slowly become an income generator for her.

She has a community of over 6000 followers on Instagram where she interacts with people in her creative element.

Through social media Chisanga has worked on campaigns with major brands such as MTN , USAID , Jameson and Skin Spa Africa. She has also been scouted for photoshoots and TV programs.

When asked if she saw herself working in social media, she said no , but it will definitely be huge part of her life and have an impact for her future ventures.

Extraterrestrial picture shot and edited by Chisanga Taylor.

It’s safe to say that social media definitely is a standpoint for her to stir her life In a direction that she desires.

Picture shot and edited by Chisanga Taylor

Picture of Beyonce recreated by Chisanga Taylor.

Over 70% over Zambians use social media platforms but very few understand that it could be much more than just an escape, opportunities are endless once you find what makes you different and gives you relevance on the platform.

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