30 year jail sentence for an attack on person living with Albinism-Zambia.

A 22 year old peasant farmer of Mpulunga has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with hard labor for Chopping off the hand of his 12 year old brother living with albinism.

Giant Simpungwe was charged with acts intended to cause grievous body harm of which he plead guilty to all accounts.

Facts presented before the court were that Simpungwe on September 1, 2021, while at home alone, intentionally cut off the arm of his little brother using a machete and an axe which made him to bleed excessively

When the charges were read to Simpungwe,he admitted and stated that he was unaware of what he was doing at the time the crime was committed,he proceeded to ask for the court’s maximum leniency as he is the bread winner of his family and would be leaving behind two wives and a daughter without care.

But Ndola High Court judge Mary Mulanda, who was sitting in Kasama threw out his plea and sentenced Simpungwe accordingly in order to avoid others from committing similar crimes.

Persons living with albinism continue to as risk of attacks or murders due to traditional beliefs and myths that suggest they possess magical powers .

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